Ours is a creative studio. 

We live, design and resist in Southern Italy.

Open Studio

You can reach us in our studio from Monday to Saturday, by appointment only. We will get to know each other, you will be able to find out where we work, talk to us about your projects, take a close look at the works and even make direct purchases.

Art Design per Complementi di Arredo

Explore our collection of unique street, urban and pop art style furnishing accessories.

Add an artistic and contemporary touch to your home with our designer furniture ideas.

Also ideal as a gift.
Poster art,  Future is Now, YeleTres per Cheap 2021, foto di Margherita Caprilli

Poster Art

Since 2019 we have been designing artwork for the creation of artistic, political and social posters with the aim of supporting relevant issues and causes. The in-depth study of images related to propaganda has guided us in the development of a personal style that puts important themes, social battles, art and activism at the center of the posters.

Urban art, Tres, Playground di basket e decorazione murale

Urban Art

Starting from the place and the communicative objectives, we design public art and site-specific interventions with the aim of enhancing large surfaces of urban space. Many years of experience in the field of graffiti culture has allowed us to evolve the passion for creativity into a profession at the service of the community.

Grafica applicata, Design di interni, Tres in collaborazione con Shapes Decor, cuscino

Applied graphics

We creatively apply our experience in the fields of visual communication, graphic design, interior design and editorial design.

Would you like to know more?

Contact us and tell us about your project: we will be happy to share our creativity with you.

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  • Ritratto fotografico di YeleTres, V.Ioannou.Photography


    A couple of socially engaged artists who decided to merge their previous experiences in a new project.

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  • Poster art, YELETRES, Verdad, ritratto di Mario Paciolla

    Justice for Mario Paciolla

    Mario Paciolla was a boy from Naples, a United Nations collaborator found dead on July 15, 2020 in his home in San Vicente del Caguán, over 650 kilometers from Bogotà.

  • Don't stop talking about Palestine

    Per rimanere informati sulla situazione in Palestina.

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