URBAN ART: Trasformazione di un Campetto da Basket - 2023

URBAN ART: Transformation of a Basketball Court - 2023

In the heart of our small town in the Caserta area, we transformed a basketball court into a work of urban art. The side walls, the concrete steps and the wall that extends to the parking lot now host an impactful composition.

This minimalist and abstract creation draws inspiration from the world of graffiti, reinterpreting its style with a clean graphic cut and the strategic use of primary colors. The result is a balanced mix of dynamic shapes and contrasts.

The aim was to offer those who frequent the pitch an authentic cultural experience, a lively urban environment full of creative stimuli.

This intervention is an example of how urban art can transform even the simplest spaces, adding aesthetic and cultural value to the local community.

We thank ProLoco Pinetrium and its president for giving us the freedom to express our creativity in this urban space.

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