URBAN ART - Stop Bombing Gaza - 2023

URBAN ART - Stop Bombing Gaza - 2023

There is a genocide taking place in Gaza and we cannot remain silent. In Palestine there is an Apartheid regime that has lasted for 75 years and we cannot be impartial. We never were. If the history of mankind has taught us anything, it is that there have always been the oppressed and the oppressors and, from 1948 to today, in Palestine we know well who one is and who the other is.

The Gaza Strip has been under siege for 24 days, since the Israeli retaliation began after the Hamas attacks on 7 October. The population of the Strip is without water, without electricity, without gas and without internet. Living conditions have become unbearable, with thousands of people forced to live in a hell of constant bombing, famine and desperation. 40% of the buildings have been destroyed and 50% of the hospitals are now unusable. More than 8,000 people died under Israeli bombs, 20,000 were injured and 2,000 were missing. โ€œ3,195 children killed in three weeks, more than the annual number of children who have lost their lives in armed conflicts globally in the last three yearsโ€ says Save the Children. They are not numbers: they are human lives, destroyed hopes and broken families. It is an unprecedented tragedy that cries out for justice.

All this with the approval of the majority of Western governments (including ours) who not only immediately gave unconditional support to Israel (even arming it further), but also rejected the UN resolution for a truce, writing thus their names in the history books with the blood of Palestinians.

The piece was made by six hands. We thank Grape for shouting with us.


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Urban Art - Stop Bombing Gaza - Graffito - Detail - injured Palestinian childUrban Art - Stop Bombing Gaza - Graffito - Photo with Yele

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