URBAN ART NAPOLI - Antifa, Santa Feira 2023

URBAN ART NAPLES - Antifa, Santa Feira 2023

On March 18th and 19th we took part in Santa Feira: an illustration and independent publishing fair, held in the former Filangieri kindergarten, in the historic center of Naples.

On the occasion of the event, we created an Anti-fascist themed Urban Art work. Why talk about anti-fascism in 2023? Because it is important to remember that fascism cannot be relegated to a historical period, because fascism in Italy has never died, indeed it is more alive than ever.

“Fascism is the expression of the prevarication of the strongest at the expense of the weakest. And if that's what we mean by fascism, then there's no doubt that it didn't die out in 1945 with the end of World War II and the death of Benito Mussolini. The fascist poison has continued to intoxicate us, sometimes becoming more evident and deadly, sometimes more subtle and hidden. In fact, the history of the Italian republic is also the story of an ambiguous negotiation with the neo-fascist or post-fascist forces that have continued to exist, grow and feed on our country to this day. At present, in fact, there are precise movements and political parties which explicitly refer to the gathering of a hundred years ago and there are others which, while not making explicit reference to it, certainly sympathize with the fascist ideology and are careful not to proclaim yourself anti-fascist, as our constitution would require instead.”

With our work we hope to help keep anti-fascism alive and to promote the fight against fascism and all forms of discrimination today as well.

Realization work of Urban ArtRealization work of Urban Art

Urban Art work seen from the street

The quotation mark is taken from an article by Isabella De Silvestro, dated 23 September 2022, written for The Vision

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