URBAN ART - Facciamo Tempesta - Grosseto 2023

URBAN ART - Let's Make a Storm - Grosseto 2023

In May of this year I had the enormous pleasure of participating in TRAME festival, shutters closed for open art: an urban redevelopment project that sees the gray shutters of the historic center of Grosseto transformed into a sort of open-air museum, which can be visited by anyone at any time.

The event, organized by the Collective Clan , was born in 2020 and this year's theme was "Let's make a storm". When I read the theme in the Call, my mind immediately went to the words of Lorenzo Orsetti, comrade Orso, who fell in Al-Baghuz Fawqani, on March 18, 2019, fighting against the fascist ISIS militia and for the cause of confederal revolution in North-East Syria, in the ranks of the Popular Protection Units (YPG). In the final part of the letter in which he expressed his last wishes, Orso wrote: "always remember that 'every storm begins with a single drop'. Try to be that drop." And that's why I decided to depict a YPJ fighter, to reiterate the importance of the revolution carried out in North-East Syria, not to forget who gave their lives and who still fights for a feminist, democratic and ecological world .

The artwork is dedicated to the Grosseto Women's Network.

Lettering by Alice Mazzilli

Urban art - Trame festival 2023 - Work in progress

Urban art - Trame festival 2023 - Work in progress

Urban art - Trame festival 2023 - PortraitUrban art - Trame festival 2023 - Work in progressUrban art - Trame festival 2023 - Work in progress

You can find the work in Via Mazzini 96, Grosseto

Photo credits:
CLAN Collective

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