URBAN ART - Harraga - Sant'Andrea di Conza 2019

URBAN ART - Harraga - Sant'Andrea di Conza 2019

Harraga is the rebel cry that bursts from the bowels of the Moroccan and Algerian dialect, a hymn of defiance hurled against the borders that seek to imprison the dreams of migrants. It is the incendiary courage of those who venture without documents, burning the barriers with the burning flame of determination. It is the word that seizes despair and transforms it into a daring escape into the unknown.

The drawing is inspired by a photo by the Neapolitan photographer Giulio Piscitelli , who with his From there to here project, which culminated in the publication of the book Harraga , recounted the long and difficult journey of migrants. The pages of the book narrate the challenges, the marches through the desert and the tormented seas. It's a tale without veils, a cry of resistance that shows the brutality of a journey without respite.

The work was carried out in Sant'Andrea di Conza (AV) thanks to the guys from I want to stay in Irpinia .

URBAN ART - Harraga - Artwork with a migrant theme, inspired by the photography of Giulio Piscitelli, made in Irpinia in 2019

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