URBAN ART : Grog Home Alone #41 Tres - 2022

URBAN ART : Grog Home Alone #41 Tres - 2022

In the summer of 2022, Tres collaborates with the Grog brand: he paints an artwork on canvas, a macro detail of his personal study on lettering.

The creative process was documented by the photographer VASSO.

We report the lyrics by Judy Rhum x Grog:

"We are about to take you on a virtual journey through southern Italy, where you can breath a⁠ borderline atmosphere between the sacred and the profane, an inspiration for those friendships⁠ that begin on the street and turn into compact and supportive crews.

Welcome to Caserta with⁠ Tres A.K.A. Dontee who will be our guide as we explore his⁠
artistic method through the evolution of his lettering over the years from the early 2000s.⁠
Tres brings a new interpretation of the writing's essence with his now well-proven color palette, a⁠ bond that began a few years ago and gives each piece a stylistic upgrade of his timeless original⁠ lettering design."

From large walls to canvases, Tres’ compositions turn into interlocking letters free⁠ of any outline, defined only by contrasting primary tones laid out with extreme accuracy, which⁠ together with the ever-present black create depth, defining his signature style.

The approach aims⁠ at an extreme graphic precision, no matter what the surface of the case, starting from his tag with⁠ a perfect kerning, that as a real and proper logotype becomes representative of his ability to⁠ balance shapes, colors and strokes in space.

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