URBAN ART: Free Palestine sul terrazzo di Officina 99

URBAN ART: Free Palestine on the terrace of Officina 99

Last Saturday we created, on the terrace of Officina 99 , an artwork dedicated to Palestine. Well yes! It seems we will never stop talking about it.

For those who don't know, Officina 99 is a historic social center that has been occupied and self-managed in Naples since 1991. Over the past 30 years Officina has been a point of reference for struggle and counterculture and right in the heart of this building, thanks to the kids and to the girls of Brulica Fest , we had the opportunity to once again express our solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Talking about Palestine again is essential. Israel has been massacring, arresting and deliberately starving Palestinians for 255 days now. If we don't want to count the previous 75 years! This is despite an order from the International Criminal Court to cease fire.

We thank our comrades for the welcome we received and we thank Robe once again for his tireless support.

We continue to talk about Palestine, to create and to resist. Because solidarity is a weapon!

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