URBAN ART: 10 anni di Skatepark a Mondragone - 2024

URBAN ART: 10 years of Skatepark in Mondragone - 2024

The Skatepark of Mondragone celebrated its tenth anniversary! All the events and initiatives organized over the years by the Free Joint collective, self-organised and self-financed, have always had the aim of creating moments of aggregation and sociality, through the diffusion of counterculture and values ​​linked to sport, music and graffiti.

This year, thanks to a project financed by the European Community, it was possible to carry out, during the celebrations, a series of activities that involved the boys and girls who took part. Among the activities carried out was the creation, within a workshop, of an urban art intervention on the ramps of the Skatepark. The two largest structures saw the intervention of Tres and his project Macromia, while the third ramp was dedicated to Palestine and its Resistance.

The Mondragone Skatepark is not only a place of leisure, but also a place of meeting and cultural exchange and the Free Joint has demonstrated, once again, the unifying power of urban culture in creating connections and promoting diversity and inclusion .

Photos by Federica Cipullo , Tres and Bankina

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