POSTER ART/URBAN ART - Folle Fest 2023

POSTER ART/URBAN ART - Folle Fest 2023

Today we are happy to share with you a special moment that we experienced this year: participation in the Folle Fest . An event that has a profound meaning for us, dedicated to the memory of a dear friend who passed away in 2016, Antonio Taglialatela, known as "Il Folle".

In our contribution to this event, we created artwork that reflected Antonio's soul and personality. We reworked a portrait made in his memory in 2017, as part of the first anniversary of his passing, and added the name of the event, thus creating a work that celebrates his life and legacy.

The artwork was made available on A3 paper and on T-shirts, and played a central role in communicating the entire event, became the visual symbol of this year's Folle Fest.

During the Folle Fest, which was held on September 16th in Mondragone, we had the opportunity to create the "Folle" writing with sprays, just like in our original project. Its creation was also made possible thanks to the collaboration of Nedo and Smec.

It was an emotional day, with friends and supporters coming together to honor Antonio's memory. We want to thank everyone who participated in Folle Fest and made this special tribute possible.

Antonio's memory lives on through art, music and the love of those who participated in this event.

Folle Fest - Artwork A3 - Portrait and LetteringFolle Fest - A3 Artwork on Tshirt - Portrait and LetteringFolle Fest- Artwork - Tshirt LabelUrban Art - Folle Fest - Photo of artwork on the wall

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