POSTER ART: Voci di Lotta e Resistenza - Altamura 2024

POSTER ART: Voices of Struggle and Resistence - Altamura 2024

“Voices of Struggle and Resistance” is a poster art exhibition dedicated to women fighting in different parts of the world. This exhibition encompasses a diverse range of experiences: on the one hand, the burning flame of Iranian women opposing a repressive regime, and on the other, the revolution in Rojava, where women stand as pillars of resistance. In between, we are surrounded by the determination of Afghan women who face obstacles to the right to education, and by Palestinian women who fight for their own emancipation, included in the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people.

The color palette, with white, black, red, yellow and green, represents the union of the identity colors of the communities involved.

Through the presentation of these struggles, it is emphasized that women's freedom is a crucial aspect of achieving justice in the world. The posters thus become a tool for telling stories of strength, resistance and determination. The implicit objective is to inspire critical reflection on the condition of women and to promote an active commitment towards a more equal and inclusive world, where women's freedom is guaranteed in every corner of the planet.

We would like to thank the organizers of LiberFestival for hosting our exhibition, along with other truly interesting ones. We also thank them for their warm hospitality and for making us feel at home.

Poster prints are available in A3 format in our STORE

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