POSTER ART: I primi Poster di Propaganda

POSTER ART: The first Propaganda Posters

The poster project was born in 2019 from our need to collaborate and with the intention of creating partisan propaganda in a modern key. So, with one eye on the propaganda of the last century and one on the struggles of our days, we made the first poster, Rise Up for Rojava, as a contribution to a benefit evening for the Kurdish Red Crescent organized at the csoa Tempo Rosso. This was followed by Viva Chile, Gaza Resists and Aquí Estamos, printed together with the first during the lockdown in March 2020, the sale of which allowed us to give a part of the proceeds both, again, to the Kurdish Crescent and to the Al-Awda hospital of Gaza.

Poster Rise Up for RojavaPoster Viva Chile

Poster Gaza Resist

Poster Chapas, Aquì Estamos

Always driven by the desire to support that part of the world we feel a part of, again in 2020, we collaborated with the Roman collective JOIN the Resistance, for April 25th, and with the JIN Network, to support the JIN War project. Jinwar is a unique project: an eco-village, inaugurated on 25 November 2018, built by women for women. It is located in Cizire Canton, Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. An ecological and alternative project: self-built, self-managed and community. The campaign in support of the project contributed to the purchase of an ambulance for Şifa Jin, the women's natural medicine center, which opened on March 4, 2020.

Join The Resistance, poster art

Jin Jiyan Azadi, poster art

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