POSTER ART: I Manifesti ACAB a Supporto dell'Associazione ACAD

POSTER ART: The ACAB Posters in Support of the ACAD Association

In 2020 we created a series of posters to address the topic of violent behavior, abuses of power and systemic injustices by law enforcement.

With the sale of the posters we were able to support ACAD, the Association Against Uniform Abuse, whose work is crucial in bringing to light cases of brutality and discrimination and in providing legal and psychological support to victims.

ACAB - Santiago, Chile, 2016

The first poster in the series draws inspiration from a photograph by Carlos Vera taken in Santiago, Chile, in 2016. This image captures the intensity and determination of those who stand up against injustice and abuses of power.

1312 - Athens, Greece, 2009-2011

The second poster portrays Loukanikos, the legendary partisan dog who gained fame during the clashes in Athens between 2009 and 2011. Loukanikos has become a symbol of resistance and rebellion against the austerity policies imposed by the Troika, representing the determination of the Greek people in defending their rights and dignity.

All Cops Are Bastards - Atlanta, Georgia, 2020

The third image of the poster was captured by Elijah Nouvelage in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2020, during one of the many demonstrations that followed the killing of George Floyd by police. This photo documents the anger and frustration of those calling for justice and reform in law enforcement.

Nique La Police - Paris, France, 2019

The final poster in the series refers to an image captured during a demonstration of the Yellow Vest movement in Paris, France, in 2019. “The question is not that of the man nor the boxer but of his gesture. It doesn't mean starting to do English boxing. It means: moving forward, not retreating, remaining determined.”

The last copies of the posters can be found in the STORE

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