POSTER ART: Solidarietà e Resistenza per la Palestina e il Rojava alla Mensa Occupata di Napoli - 2024

POSTER ART: Solidarity and Resistance for Palestine and Rojava at the Occupied Mensa in Naples - 2024

For the Canteen Occupied of Naples, a social center known for its political and social commitment, we recently created two imposing posters measuring over 4 by 5 metres, dedicated respectively to Palestine and Rojava. These posters are not only works of great visual impact, but also powerful declarations of international solidarity and resistance.

The Manifesto for Rojava: "Berxwedan"

The first poster is dedicated to Rojava, an autonomous region in northern Syria inhabited mainly by Kurds. The key word of this poster is "Berxwedan", which means "resistance" in Kurdish. This term is composed of several parts: "Ber" (give), "xwe" (yourself) and "dan" (front), which together form a profound concept of individual and collective resistance.

The choice of this word is not accidental. Rojava is known for its unique social experiment, which promotes gender equality, direct democracy and peaceful coexistence between different ethnicities and religions. Through this manifesto, we wanted to express our support for these revolutionary social and political practices, showing solidarity with the people of Rojava in their fight against oppression.

The Manifesto for Palestine: "Intifada"

The second poster is dedicated to Palestine and bears the words "Intifada". The word "Intifada" means "uprising" or "uprising" in Arabic and is historically associated with Palestinian resistance movements against Israeli occupation. The choice of this word underlines our support for the Palestinian people's struggle for freedom and self-determination: "Intifada" represents not only an act of physical resistance, but also a symbol of hope for a future free from occupation and oppression.

A Message of Solidarity and Resistance

The creation of these two posters represents a significant act of international solidarity. Together with Mensa Occupata di Napoli, we join the global chorus of voices supporting resistance against oppression and injustice. These posters are not only political statements, but also calls to action for all those who believe in justice, freedom and human dignity.

Thanks Robe for the precious help.

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