POSTER ART - Self Defense per Antifanzine 2022

POSTER ART - Self Defense for Antifanzine 2022

In 2022, we had the pleasure of contributing our artwork to the tenth issue of Antifanzine , an anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-sexist comics magazine. This edition, released in November, addressed the topic of violence against women, involving numerous artists to explore the topic in a unique way.

We were tasked with creating the central poster and chose to respond to patriarchal violence with a statement of feminist self-defense. Our artwork bears the simple but powerful slogan "Self Defense," with three women occupying the foreground: not defenseless victims, but armed warriors ready to fight for their dignity.

These images may seem provocative, but they reflect our timeless belief that feminist self-defense is a crucial means in the fight against patriarchal violence. We make no apologies for depicting armed women, because we know that the reality is far more frightening than any image might suggest.

Feminist self-defense represents not only a question of physicality, but also of empowerment and awareness.

The artwork is a call to action, a statement of resistance and a celebration of women's power. Together, we can dismantle patriarchal structures and build a world where gender violence has no place.

POSTER ART - Photo of Self Defense poster with Antifanzine magazinePoster Art - Self Defense poster detail with 3 issues of the Antifanzine Magazine

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