POSTER ART: Home - Caserta 2023

POSTER ART: Home - Caserta 2023

Liberation begins with home, home begins with return.

Our contribution to the event organized by the Circolo Galileo and the Laboratorio Sociale Millepiani.

In the image on the left, a Palestinian woman holds a key in her hands, a symbol imbued with meaning: it is the icon of hope and the return to the roots. This image embodies the resistance of the Palestinian people in reclaiming their inalienable right to land and home. The key becomes a tangible emblem of the perseverance that characterizes their struggle.

On the right, in bold letters, the word "HOME" emerges, an unequivocal statement against the Israeli occupation. This word goes beyond the simple concept of physical home: it is a reminder of cultural essence and identity, which are threatened by injustice and oppression.

It is undeniable that the international community, over time, has contributed to the persecution and extermination of the Palestinian people. The State of Israel's implementation of an apartheid regime is an irrefutable fact and requires deep reflection on global responsibility.

We persist in our commitment to using voice and creativity as tools for reporting and raising awareness. We strongly reiterate our solidarity and complicity with the Palestinian people, who continue to fight for their dignity and freedom. The key in the hands of the Palestinian woman is not just a symbol: it is the promise of a return, of a future in which the home is not just a physical place, but a safe and indisputable refuge for every individual.

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