POSTER ART: Dead men don't catcall - Plume 2023

POSTER ART: Dead men don't catcall - Plume 2023

There is nothing flattering or harmless about feeling harassed while walking down the street: it is an act of domination, of intimidation, and must be dealt with firmly.

This poster, although ironic, challenges the distorted idea that catcalling is simple "flattery" and highlights women's fundamental right to be free to cross the streets, without fear of being tormented.

We refuse to be catcalled and will continue to fight for a world where mutual respect is the norm, where catcalling, like every other form of gender violence, is relegated to the past.

The poster was published by PLUME : an editorial project for the communication of thoughts, readings and visions, produced by Lettere Cubitali and Cubica Letters .

PLUME - Cover

Dead Man Don't Catcall - detail

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