Poster Art - FUTURE IS NOW - Cheap Festival - Call for Artist 2021 - foto di Margherita Caprilli

POSTER ART - Cheap Festival - Call for artists 2021

Post , in its Latin exception, was the concept of CHEAP 's Call for Artist 2021 : an imaginative movement aimed towards a possibility, even if it is improbable, well nourished by desires and fears, full of details and approximations – in other words, a movement imaginative towards the future.

Our poster was dedicated to the YPJ fighters: a warrior, with a steady rifle and flowers braided in her hair, embodies the fusion of strength and harmony, the symbol of a relentless fight for a new world.

The writing behind him, "Future is now", is not a simple motto, but a battle cry that pierces the veil of time. We have interpreted the future as a present that can only be born through the storm of revolution. And what better example than the Autonomous Administration of Northeast Syria?

This revolution, with deep roots in the land of broken promises, has flourished in a territory ravaged by war and tyranny. The YPJ fighters represent timeless resistance, the strength of women who have taken their destiny into their own hands and who proudly advance towards a tomorrow where freedom is not just a distant dream. We have chosen a future that shines with self-management and solidarity.

Our poster is a rallying cry, a call to rebellion, a weapon in the arsenal of creativity against oppression. It is a fist raised against the stagnant present and a promise of a future that bursts with the unstoppable energy of transformation. In a world that seeks to stifle the voices of dreamers, we rise to proclaim that the future is ours, it is here and now, and we will shape it with the overwhelming force of revolution.

Poster Art - FUTURE IS NOW - Cheap Festival - Call for Artist 2021Poster Art - FUTURE IS NOW - Cheap Festival - Call for Artist 2021 - photo by Margherita Caprilli

Photo by Margherita Caprilli

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