URBAN ART - Rojava - Milano 2022

URBAN ART - Rojava - Milan 2022

In 2022 we were guests of the Spazio 20092 collective: a mutual aid collective fighting for the right to housing, active in Cinisello Balsamo.

When they contacted us they had clear ideas: they wanted a job on Rojava. We immediately said yes! It wasn't the first time we had done a project on Rojava, or on the YPJ (Women's Protection Unit) but it is an issue we are very close to and being able to do it on a 20m2 wall got us gassed.  The Kurdish region of Rojava (north-eastern Syria) declared itself autonomous in 2012 and since the following year has been experimenting with a form of self-government inspired by the principles of democracy, gender equality, multiculturalism, inclusion and ecology. It is a unique experiment in the world in the heart of the Middle East, a Revolution to be inspired by.

Space 20092 unfortunately was cleared out in February of this year, and with it the families and minors who lived there. We obviously reaffirm our complicity and solidarity with the collective and with the families.

Urban Art - Rojava - Work in progress

Urban Art - Rojava - Group photo with the collective of Spazio 20092

The digital print of the project is available in the store.

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