STICKER ART: Dio Sbirro x Smadonnari 2024

STICKER ART: God Cop x Smadonnari 2024

With great enthusiasm, we wish to share our participation in the Ceffon project, entitled " Smadonnari, the album for real Madonna shooters ". As Ceffon himself states in the presentation, this album was born "from the urgency of venting anger and the need to mix Blasphemy, Anticlericalism and Iconoclasm in a single cocktail."

Smadonnari, closed photo album of stickersSmadonnari, photo album of stickers open

Our contribution, entitled "Dio Sbirro," aims to redefine the language linked to blasphemy, inviting reflection on the inappropriateness of comparing living beings with the "divine". We have consciously abandoned speciesism, emphasizing that dogs and pigs do not deserve to be compared to God. On the contrary, we have chosen to merge an emblematic figure with the image of "the Lord": the Cop, earthly incarnation of control and repression. God and guards offend each other, in a blasphemous osmosis.

The illustration, with all its cuts, takes on an equally profound meaning. The references to church windows, with their artistic and colorful shapes, create a bold union between the sacred and the sacrilegious.

God Cop figurine illustration

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